Download Office 2010 Professional Plus + Installation Guide

Office 2010 Professional is a Microsoft office suite that supports word processing (Word), slide creation (PowerPoint), spreadsheet (Excel), email management (Outlook). Office 2010 is the final version of the traditional interface like Office 2007. But more improved, before the most modern version is about the interface of Office 2013.

Regarding the machine configuration requirements for the Office 2010 Full version, the CPU speed is greater than 233 GHz, and the Ram is over 256 MB. If installed on a machine running from Windows 7 or higher, it will be more optimal and if installed on Windows XP, you should install NET 4.5 or higher to support the library for Office to run.

New features of Office 2010 Pro

  • Extremely beautiful extension interface, easy to manipulate
  • Office functions are symbolized
  • The extension in office 2010 is defaulted to .docx .xlsx …
  • Optimized source code to increase user experience
  • Compatible with all operating systems of Windows
  • Integrate more tools like Outlook, OneNote…
In each Office 2010, Pro VL installer will include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher.

Office 2010 Professional Repack

This Office 2010 Pro VL installer has been edited and installed through Microsoft's deployment tool. The difference with the original is that you can choose from simple to complete needs.

Download Office 2010 Pro Repack

{getDownload} $text={Office_ProPlus 2010_x86.iso} $size={Size 691 MB}

{getDownload} $text={Office_ProPlus 2010_x64.iso} $size={Size 769 MB}

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