Ghost Windows UEFI With The Fastest Acronis True Image

Ghost Windows UEFI is a quick way to install Windows on a computer running UEFI boot standard. To determine if your device supports UEFI and convert the hard drive to GPT, please refer to this article

Prepare to Ghost Windows UEFI

  • Ghost Windows file in .TIB . format
  • USB Multiboot to enter Win PE (Reference here)

Guide Ghost with file *.tib (UEFI standard)

Start the Acronis True Image software then click My Disks as shown to start the ghost.

Click Browse to find the .tib file. Then click on the .tib file. Then click Next

This step, you click Next to continue

You tick the 2 partitions as below. Absolutely do not tick Track 0 (will lose all hard drive data)

In this section, you need to select the EFI partition

Select the remaining partition for the partition containing Windows

After dividing the partition, you click Next to the next step and click Proceed to start the process.

Wish you all success Ghost Windows UEFI!

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