Hard Disk Sentinel 5.70 – Comprehensive Hard Drive Test

Hard Disk Sentinel has the ability to check information and monitor HDD and SSD drives, monitor hard drives temperature to promptly warn of dangerous problems. Hard Disk Sentinel uses fast hardware scanning methods, which will find and repair weak areas, reallocate bad sectors, and keep the hard drive in top condition.

Check out the main features of Hard Disk Sentinel Pro

  • Monitor the health of the hard drive: temperature, usage time...
  • View detailed information on the hard drive, data transfer speed in real-time.
  • Displays extremely detailed S.M.A.R.T information
  • Has the function of finding, fixing bad sectors, and protecting hard drives effectively. Prevent hard drive crashes and data loss of SSD/HDD. Quickly detect abnormal hard drive problems.

Download Hard Disk Sentinel Pro software

Here I will introduce you to the Portable version that does not need to be installed because we only use it to check the information on the hard drive.

{getDownload} $text={Download Now} $size={Size 24.72 MB, password: lehait.net}

I. Check information, fix bad sectors and protect the hard drive with HDSentinel

The left column will show all the hard drives in the top half and all the partitions in the bottom half. If you want to check, fix bad sectors, and protect any hard drive or partition, select in the left column. Hard drive status will be displayed in the right column

I.1 View overview

Select the hard drive to check > select the Overview tab

Important information

  • Performance: The current performance of the hard drive (the higher the better).
  • Heath: Current health status of the hard drive
  • Power-on time: Working time of the hard drive (full operation 24h = 1 day).
  • Estimated remaining lifetime: Predict the remaining life of the hard drive.
  • Total start/stop count: The number of times to turn off/on the hard drive

I.2 Monitoring the temperature of the hard drive

Temperature is a factor that greatly affects the performance and lifespan of a hard drive. That is why you must closely monitor the temperature of the hard drive. If the temperature of the hard drive is too high, you need to review the heat dissipation problem and buy more cooling fans. The temperature of the hard drive will also be displayed on the clock for your convenience.

  • Current Temperature: The current temperature of the hard drive.
  • Average Temperature: Average temperature for the day.
  • Maximum Temperature: Highest temperature of the day

I.3. Information about S.M.A.R.T

Switch to the S.M.A.R.T card to display information on the self-monitoring and diagnostic system of the hard drive.

The parameters of the blue S.M.A.R.T are good Hard drive status. Note, right-click on the S.M.A.R.T parameters window, select Decimal data fields to easily see the value.

In addition, to view detailed information on the drive, select the Info tab. To view software warnings with hard drives, select the Alters tab.

I.4 Check the hard drive, find and fix Bad Sector errors

The tools to check the hard drive, detect Bad Sector errors are located in the Disk Card of the software.

In there

  • Short Self-test: Quickly check the status of the hard drive
  • Extended Selt-test: Take a closer look at the hard drive health
  • Random Seek Test: Random Test
  • Surface Test: Check the hard drive surface, detect Bad Sector errors

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