HWIDGen 62.01- Active Win 10 Permanent Digital License

HWIDGen 62.01 is a small tool written so that you can turn your non-copyrighted Windows 10 into a permanent Digital License through a loophole that Microsoft intentionally or accidentally put in the Windows 10 installer.

Starting from Windows 10 Microsoft has switched to using Digital License i.e. all Windows systems regardless of activation (be it through Upgrade from Windows 7 / 8.1 license, purchase, or built-in). in the BIOS) will be converted to a Digital License based on the hardware ID (HWID) of the respective machine. The license will be permanently saved on MS Servers and will automatically reactivate each time you reinstall Win, only when you change the hardware will the copyright be disabled (Replace CPU, replace MAIN, replace IC on MAIN). However, just logging in with a Microsoft account (MSA) can still transfer the copyright to a new machine.

Supported Windows 10 versions

  • Windows 10 Core (Home) & (N)
  • Windows 10 HomeSingleLanguage
  • Windows 10 CoreSingleLanguage & (N)
  • Windows 10 ProfessionalSingleLanguage
  • Windows 10 Professional & (N)
  • Windows 10 Professional Education & (N)
  • Windows 10 Professional Workstation & (N)
  • Windows 10 Education & (N)
  • Windows 10 Enterprise & (N)
  • Windows 10 EnterpriseS

Guide to Active Windows 10 Digital

Run the file HWIDGen 62.01 with Administrator rights, select Work Mode:HWID (as shown below) Then press START to activate the license. Check out more pictures below

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