Install Windows From ISO Fast And Standard Legacy-UEFI

Introducing how to install Windows from ISO

Installing Windows from ISO is probably not strange to you. Usually, you have to create a burn to USB or you can install it directly from the windows you are using. I often use this method to install white Windows to make ghosts for you.

You need a multiboot usb to boot into Win PE. If you don't have one, you can check it out here

Before performing the installation, you need to partition the standard hard drive to perform the installation. Refer to the hard drive division here and load the boot here.

Install Windows from ISO via Onkey Ghost

First, you need to mount the ISO to the virtual drive. With Win 8.1 PE or Win 10 PE, you need to double click on the ISO to successfully mount the ISO

Open Onkey Ghost in Win PE and select Open to find the install.wim file in the sources folder of the drive where the iso is mounted.

To select the version of Windows to install, click on the down arrow (number 3 in the picture below) to select the version to install.

After selecting the installation version, select the partition to install Windows on and then click Yes

The picture below is that I installed the UEFI boot GPT drive, the red partition above for the Legacy boot MBR will not appear. MBR, you just need to select the partition to install and click Yes

After clicking Yes Onkey, a dialog box as shown below will appear so you can review the information. Please check the partitions to be installed correctly, then click Yes to start the installation.

Install Windows from ISO through WinNT Setup

  1. Click Search… and select the path of the install.wim file in the sources folder on the drive that just mounted the iso
  2. This will be the partition that will contain the windows boot file. By default, after dividing the GPT hard drive to install Windows, you open WinNT Setup will automatically recognize this partition. For MBR, you choose both part 2 and 3 with the same drive letter because MBR only needs 1 partition
  3. In this section, you choose the partition containing Windows, which will usually be C. You click F in the selection box to format the partition data before installation.
  4. Click on the down arrow to select the version to install
  5. Click Setup to move to the installation verification step

Please check to Find and add Windows version….this PC to avoid boot errors during the installation process. You can check the Automatically Reboot PC section…. After the installation, the device will automatically reboot, then click OK to install

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