Instructions for dividing the hard disk for installation or Ghost Windows.

When you buy a new hard drive or a new computer without an operating system. Then the first job you need to do is to partition the hard drive before installing Windows or ghost Windows. In this article, I guide you to divide the new hard drive in both GPT and MBR formats.

Before dividing the hard drive, you must determine whether the hard drive is in the MBR or GPT format. And if you use the MBR, you will usually use Legacy boot mode, GPT will use UEFI boot format

To find out what shape the hard drive is, you can go to Run, type diskpart and type the list disk command and hit Enter.

You notice the GPT column, if the line of the hard drive name in the Gpt column has a *, it means that the hard drive is running under the GPT standard, if there is no *, it is the MBR standard.

To be able to split the hard drive, you must use a bootable USB, you can refer to how to create a bootable USB here

Partition MBR hard drive with Partition Wizard

As you can see, here is an empty drive with a capacity of 60 GB. Now, to create a new drive, right-click the drive that you want to split, then click Create to start.

  • Partition Label: Name the partition.
  • Create As: Select Primary ie the main partition contains the operating system.
  • Driver Letter: Choose a drive letter
  • File System: Select the NTFS format.

In the MBR form, we need to Active the Windows installation partition, so that when the computer boots, it will receive it as the boot partition. Right-click the partition and choose Set Active.

Click Apply and select Yes to make changes

Partition GPT hard drive with Partition Guru

If the hard drive is in the MBR and you wanted to switch to GPT to run UEFI boot, then right-click on the drive name and select "Convert to GUID Partition Table (P)" if the hard drive is already in GPT, then you don't need it anymore.

To partition, click on the empty partition and right-click it and select Create New Partition (N) and configure it as shown below then click OK

After clicking OK, there will be a section to create a partition containing Windows and you can customize the capacity and click OK. Then click Save All in the left hand corner and click Yes to perform the partition creation process

By default Partition Guru will format the ESP partition as FAT16, you need to format it to FAT32 Right-click the ESP partition and select Format Current Partition (F) and select File System to FAT32 Click Format to complete the process of formatting the ESP partition.

Good luck !

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