NHV Boot 2021 – The Best Computer Rescue Toolkit

NVH Boot 2021 is Nguyen Vuong's professional computer rescue toolkit used to create a USB/HDD Box. NVH Boot 2021 with a completely new design, fast and easy to use, and many features for technical brothers or for those who simply install win, ghost, or backup the machine.

Features of NVH Boot

  • Supports booting according to UEFI and Legacy/CSM standards.
  • Support to receive Intel Gen 11 laptop harddrive.
  • Support to receive Touchpad on Intel 11 gen laptops and older models.
  • Support booting UEFI 32bit for some supported computer models.
  • WinPE loading speed is very fast.
  • The new design is completely different from the existing boot versions.
  • Simple to use, many features.
  • The boot menu is designed in a modern style.
  • All app icons are designed in sync with the times.
  • The new Win10PE 20H2 supports installing .exe and .msi Native software to receive LAN + Wifi.

Download NVH Boot 2021

Installation Instructions

Using the multiboot tool:

  • Download File NVH-BOOT-2021.zip and extract.
  • Run the file Multiboot.cmd with Administrator rights, then enter the USB/HDD Box number, similar to the image below.

Using Rufus:

  • Download the NHV-BOOT-2021.zip file and extract it.
  • Open Rufus and set up similar to the image below and make boot.

The process of creating Boot with Rufus is complete, open the Partition Wizard USB is created to boot into 1 partition as below.

For convenience during use, right-click the boot partition and select Move / Resize to create a new data partition with all the remaining free space and can Hide Partition boot as shown in the image below.

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