Win 10 Tweak 2.0 – Tools for disable Windows Defender, Windows Update

Win 10 Tweak 2.0 is a tool that quickly turns on and off Windows Update and Windows Defender of Windows 10. 

Windows Defender (Windows Security) is a very good free antivirus that comes with Windows 10. While using it, you need to use it. Turn off Windows Defender to run software that is reported as a virus or want to turn it off to work faster. Windows Update has the function to update the necessary patches for Windows. However, this process can cause problems such as taking a long time, lagging, etc. The tool below will help you quickly activate and disable WD and Windows Update.

Windows 10 Tweak 2.0 User Manual

Download and extract with the above password and run the software as Administrator.

Then select Disable / Enable Windows Defender or Windows Update to change. With Windows Defender, the operation took effect at that time. With the Windows update, after the operation is completed, you need to reboot the computer to change the status of the Windows update.

{getDownload} $text={Download Now} $size={Password: lPfFIDdNd7GP}

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